Vitalikor Fast Acting

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  • New Performance Enhancing Blend

  • Support Sexual Function At Time of Arousal

  • Still The Most Effective Supplement Available Without Prescription


Attention Past Customers:

Thank you for being a valued customer and we know how amazing and beloved the original vitaliKöR was. Unfortunately, that formula is no longer available and will never be again. The team at Vitality Research Labs has spent the last 6 months sourcing and developing a new blend that is powerful yet also safe. We feel this is the most effective male enhancement supplement available and we know first hand that it does work. Although previous customers will most likely notice a less “profound” reaction, make no mistake, the NEW vitaliKöR will still improve your performance when and where it matters most. We would also like to explain that this formula costs more than double of the original to produce. Rather than raise the price we decided to lower the quantity of capsules per bottle from 40 to 20 in an effort to create as much value for the consumer as possible.

We hope you understand this situation is not something we have enjoyed experiencing, nor did we intend or anticipate any of these complications.

Thank you again for being a vitaliKöR customer and we hope you enjoy our products.


  • Single Pack
  • Fast
  • $4999
  • Vitalikor Fast Acting
  • 40 Capsules
  • Save $10
  • Compare at $59.99!
  • Power Pack
  • Fast Power
  • $8899
  • Vitalikor Fast Acting + Daily Maintenance
  • 40 + 60 Capsules
  • Save $30.99
  • Compare at $119.98!
  • Double Pack
  • Fast Double
  • $173
  • 2 Vitalikor Fast Acting + 2 Daily Maintenance
  • 80 + 120 Capsules
  • Save $66.96
  • Compare at $239.96!


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