What is the Best Testosterone Booster available ?

What is Free Testosterone? Testosterone?

Testosterone is often referred to as the “master hormone”. Having a healthy level of testosterone is key to muscle growth, strength, stamina, mood, sex drive, and erectile function, as well as cardiovascular health, bone strength, a sharp mind, and a healthy prostate. Testosterone in the bloodstream is measured as “free” (that amount that is bioavailable) or more often, “total” (including the amount that is chemically bound and unavailable). The measure of any effective supplement or therapy should be based on ability to improve free testosterone. People typically take testosterone boosters to raise their testosterone levels.

How many men have Low Testosterone Levels (Low-T)?

Around the age of 35, sooner for some, a man loses, on average 1 ‐2% of his testosterone each year for the rest of his life. This is a part of the aging process and can be worse depending on one’s general health and lifestyle. Studies also show that 30% of men age 40 have some erectile dysfunction (ED) and this percentage climbs annually upwards to 70% by age 70. Middle age men who have diabetes have an even lower testosterone level and a very high percentage of diabetic men, above 50%, have ED.

What are the signs of Low Testosterone (Low-T)?

There are several signs of low testosterone. Starting in your late 20’s and early 30’s you may notice decrease sex drive, decrease in strength and muscle mass, difficulty in building muscle mass, increase in body fat, and a general decline in energy, motivation, and mental sharpness. A blood test can confirm that the contributing or main cause is low testosterone.

How does VTK:Test impact my body?

Vitalikor:TEST is natural supplement that will dramatically boost your body’s natural ability to produce and utilize its own testosterone while at the same time decrease the effects of competing estrogen. It does this safely without any significant side‐effects. It is an all natural testosterone boosting product!

How is Vitalikor Test different compared to other formulas or brands?

Vitalikor:TEST is the only formula that uses multiple, scientifically‐validated ingredients that impact different parts of the body’s natural testosterone production and utilization pathways. In addition, Vitalikor:TEST incorporates two natural ingredients that have been scientifically shown to synergistically drive absorption and bioavailability. This patent‐pending formula will produce better and faster results than any other natural product.

What kind of results can I expect from Vitalikor:TEST and how will it take?

For many, within as little as two weeks, you will notice a remarkable improvement in stamina, both in bed and in the gym. You will also notice an increase in ability to gain muscle mass and reduce fat. Your interest in sex will increase and there may be a noticeable increase in mental sharpness and improvement in overall mood.

How do I take Vitalikor:TEST?

Take 2 capsules once a day between meals.

How long do I Take Vitalikor:TEST?

Vitalikor:TEST does not need to be cycled. You can take it daily, year‐round.

Does Vitalikor:TEST have any side effects?

Vitalikor:TEST has never been known to cause adverse side effects. It naturally helps your body produce and utilize its own testosterone in the normal, healthy range. It is not a prohormone or steroid.